The Actors’ Co-Op supports actors by providing assistance with skills development and career advancement. The Co-Op will afford novice actors a place to learn the basic techniques of acting and veteran actors a place to continue to hone their skills. Training sessions are recorded to enhance on-camera techniques. A trained actors’ community facilitates the advancement of the burgeoning film entertainment industry, ultimately contributing to the economic success of New Orleans. The Co-Op is guided by member suggestions and facilitated by a veteran actor.

Workshops and seminars facilitated by guest speakers and presenters, including premier acting coaches, theater and film directors, writers, producers, casting directors and talent agents provide an opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge from film industry professionals. Providing access to information from decision makers in the industry through workshops and seminars advances an actor’s career in a competitive field.

The library serves as a comprehensive clearinghouse for actors with a wide variety of materials from basic recommended reading for actors to specific acting techniques, plays, screenplays, and project development and career materials.

Technique and scene study classes will be available through NOARC in partnership with the Street University program at The Healing Center, a collaborative located in the Faubourg Marigny.

Membership is $100 yearly and includes the NOARC newsletter, participation in The Actors Co-Op, and discounts to all workshops.

Shanda Quintal,                       Executive Director

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