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In Search of a Good Coach?

Posted by Shanda on Friday, June 4, 2010,

Someone has offered you a chance to make your dreams come true. And they are telling you that with a lot of hard work and dedication and persistence, you can be the actor you have always dreamed of being. And they're not just promising you the moon and the stars, or some swampland in the middle of Florida. They are being up front and direct and letting you know that you have a hard road ahead of you to travel to get to where you want to be. And they are assuring you that YOU can do it and tha...

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The Actors' Co-Op

Posted by Shanda on Friday, June 4, 2010,

Once a month, NOARC holds The Actors' Co-Op meeting, where novice and veteran actors come together to help each other develop their skills, hone their craft and receive career support.

Meetings are held at The Backyard Ballroom performance space at 3519 St. Claude in the Bywater. If you have a monologue prepared, we would love to see it, and if this is your first step into acting, we will be happy to find material that meets your skill level.

For more information about The Actors' Co-Op, please...

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Character Development

Posted by Shanda on Friday, June 4, 2010,

Taken from the Aaron Speiser Acting Workshop workbook

The following information should be used to assist you in your preparation for performance. The information you get out of the script will guide you in creating truthful, believable behavior. REMEMBER - read the script often (or at least read the entire script once and then the scene often). When in doubt, go back to the script for answers or get professional coaching. Base your acting choices on facts given in the script, research and life...

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Posted by Shanda on Friday, June 4, 2010,


Drew's Script-O-Rama -

Simply Scripts -

The Script Source -

The Daily Script - - also had the IMDB link attached to most scripts

Internet Movie Script Database - - Catagorizes script alphabetically, but also by genre

Screenplay 451 - - Has scripts available for download in a zipped fo...

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Suggested Reading

Posted by Shanda on Friday, June 4, 2010,


A Life - Kazan - Autobiography

Acting Professionally - Cohen - Non-fiction

Adventures in the Screen Trade - Goldman - Non-fiction

An Actor Prepares - Stanislavski - Non-fiction

Creating a Role - Stanislavski - Non-fiction

My Life in Art - Stanislavski - Autobiography

Audition - Shurtleff - Non-fiction

Caught in the Act - Shewey - Non-fiction

Films Scenes for Actor I & II - Karton - Fiction

Final Cut - Bach - Non-fiction

How to Sell Yourself as an Actor - Callan - Non-fiction

It Would Be So Nice if ...

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Elements of Comedy

Posted by Shanda on Friday, June 4, 2010,

Taken from the Aaron Speiser Acting Workshop

1. Misdirection or Mislead - Make the audience think you are leading them one way then go the other way (flip it).

2. Fast changes: A. Physical B. Emotional C. Vocal

3. The Unexpected - Surprises

4. Great Truth

5. Physical Comedy - Clowning, Pratfalls, Food, Mugging, Pain or Pleasure, anything to do with the body (itching, diarrhea, orgasm, blindness, deafness, stuttering, smells. etc.)

6. Comic Build

7. Running Gags

8. Reacting (can be funnier than anythi...

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